LabTalk – 16 March 2016 – Patrizia D’Olivo

Designing the New Normal //

Use design to foster communication and optimism in families dealing with childhood cancer

Patrizia D’Olivo

Hi all! In the upcoming Labtalk I will introduce the topic of my PhD project and describe the steps done so far. I will briefly introduce you to the topic of childhood cancer and the challenges that children and families are dealing with. I will describe what I have discovered on clinical interventions that aim to foster the psychosocial development of children with cancer and how design offers the potential for new directions in this context. Finally I will introduce you Ascolta-Me and Mr.V, the two designs that I am finalizing this month in order to conduct my first big study.

I hope to have triggered a bit your curiosity and to see you on Wednesday!

Keywords: New Normal, Disruptive Life Events, Childhood Cancer, Families, Design Interventions.