LabTalk – 11 May 2016 – Natalia Romero Herrera & Tomasz Jaskiewicz

Living lab’s user & prototyping centric methodology

We warmly invite you to a conjoint lab talk where we (Natalia and Tomasz) want to give you a flavour of our research collaboration on Living Labs’ user & prototyping centric methodologies to support the design of socio-technical solutions for sustainability and wellbeing in living and working contexts.

Natalia will first introduce an integrated methodology to support Living Lab’s design research activities that are driven by users, their practices and the process of technology appropriation. These activities aim to support an active involvement of users in the complexity of their living context that influence all stages of the design process: from gathering insights, ideation, co-designing to experimentation and evaluation. In this talk I want to introduce you to my research on the development of in-situ and mixed designs interventions that aim to support user centric, situated and integrated design research practices.

Tomasz will then introduce and invite you to participate in the ‘Expert Living lab’ that will be launched soon in our studio lab. Following the principles of the integrated methodology techniques the ‘Expert living lab’ offers an adaptive, flexible and modular prototyping platform that supports participant’s collaboration to design, prototype, experiment and test alternatives to improve wellbeing and sustainability in our workplace.