Lab Talk – 6 May 2015 – Niko Vegt

Designing game elements for collaboration
Game worlds seem highly motivating and enjoyable, as millions of people spend a huge amount of hours in them. Children spend much of their time playing (games). So why not transform non-game contexts, such as work, into game worlds that are as motivating and enjoyable? With enthusiasm, I started my PhD project in 2011 on the promise of changing the world with game elements. 4 Years later, I’m wrapping up my work with sobering, yet (I think 😉 ) useful, conclusions. Not all data has been collected yet, and my thesis is not nearly finished. Nonetheless I will give a sneak preview of the thesis; showing the main research projects that we did (at consultancy firm Berenschot, and steel production factory Wuppermann) and the insights that we gathered on designing game elements for collaboration.

You can read more on the Persuasive Game Design group here.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015
16:00; Studio Show