Lab Talk – 11 March 2015 – Serena Camere

Design reviews are inspiring learning scenarios of the different perspectives of marketing experts, designers and engineers. This Labtalk will present part of the work conducted in the KAEMaRT group from Politecnico di Milano to facilitate a more profitable collaboration in a multidisciplinary environment. We analyse language and cultural barriers of the three viewpoints when they collaborate on designing new products. To overcome these barriers, we propose the use of Experience (Virtual) Prototypes as a testing bench for making qualitative descriptions and technical specifications converge toward shared and clear design targets.

This work is developed in collaboration with Serena Graziosi and Francesco Ferrise, from KAEMaRT group of Politecnico di Milano.

Serena Camere is a PhD student from Politecnico di Milano, working in KAEMaRT group, Department of Mechanics, under the supervision of Professor Monica Bordegoni. Her research deals with how to use Virtual Technologies (such as Interactive Virtual Prototypes, Augmented Reality, Motion Tracking) to support Product Design process, with a special focus on Experience Design approach.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015
16:00; Studio Show.