Lab Talk – 25 March 2015 – Lea Feldhaus

AIRwareness :

How can grassroots environmental groups fighting air pollution in Rotterdam benefit from Collective Awareness Platforms?

To reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment, different disciplines try to explain environmental conscious decision-making. Here, environmental psychology and sustainable human-computer interaction (HCI) predominantly focus on the individual level, while also social factors, e.g. social norms and social identity, do affect pro-environmental behavior and involvement in environmental activism. In the lab talk, I will present the concept of  “Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation” (CAPS) derived from the Digital Agenda for Europe. By the example of a case study on a grassroots environmental group fighting against air pollution in Rotterdam, I will illustrate the user research I conducted in preparation for a possible CAPS-project on air pollution. The results show participants’ motivations to engage in the grassroots movement, their personal awareness, their strategies to raise awareness as well as the current use of technology to enhance their grassroots group’s work. Looking forward to a fruitful discussion with you on the topic!


Wednesday, 25 March 2015
16:00; Studio Show