Lab Talk – 25 Feb. 2015 – Maik de Rooij

Designing for psychiatry
In the new psychiatric ward of Karakter (an institution for child and adolescent psychiatry) in Nijmegen is a comfort room: a room patients can visit on their own initiative when they have the feeling they lose control over emotions and behaviour. The main reason for this room is to reduce the number of patients that need to be separated in an isolation cell, because this is considered as an inhuman experience and causes moe trauma’s to the mental condition of the patient.

In my graduation project I am designing an interactive element for the comfort room that supports the patient in coping with this psychological crisis. I will tell you some insights I gained from the contextual research I executed at the ward, and I’ll give you the answer to how design can support in this coping process. After some weeks of designing, iterating and prototyping, I will give a sneak peek of my final concept, and hope to get some nice feedback on it from you.


Wednesday, 25 Feb. 2015
16:00; Studio Show.