Lab Talk – 18 March 2015 – Microsoft Office Design

Outcome-driven design as a research methodology.
Most consumer products fail because they fail to adequately meet user needs, or more likely, they don’t meet them as well as an existing offering. Outcome-driven Design is an approach that translates user insights into operationalized criteria for success that can be applied throughout the product development process. It offers a powerful methodology for design researchers, making them valuable contributors to the product team.

Jakob Nielsen is Principal Designer in the Microsoft Excel team.
Jeremy Jobling is an Experience Architect at Microsoft.

This Wednesday to Friday, Jakob and Jeremy are visiting the faculty to see the progress of four student teams working towards the Microsoft Design Expo challenge 2015 as part of the ITD course. While they are here, Jakob and Jeremy are happy to talk to people and to hear what’s going on.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015
16:00; Studio Show