Lab Talk – 1 April 2015 – Lidewij van Twillert

Creating a custom fit bra using 3D body scanning technologies. 

The bra is a piece of clothing that is complained about consistently. It is hard for women to find a bra that fits and looks good. Besides, buying a bra also is one of the most emotional purchases out there. About 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. This is actually not due to the inability of women; the bra sizing system is complex and inadequate. Besides, there have been made attempts to be put bra innovations on the market, still the conventional wired bra is leading. The uncomfortable 2D wire, that should support a woman’s 3D body, the sizing system based on only two measures where much more body sizes are important for a good fit and not taking into account the asymmetric bodies of nearly every woman makes the current bra annoying and outdated.

With new technologies like 3D body scanning and 3D printing, custom fit bra’s should be much more feasible and will take away the struggles women have with their bras. In my lab talk I will talk about the functions a bra has to fulfill and how to translate 3D body scans into custom fit breast support.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015
16:00; Studio Show