Guest Talk – Jacky Bourgeois

“Designing an Internet of Things Solution for Energy Demand Shifting”

In this talk I will present in-the-wild research studies conducted at The Open University to inform the design of Internet of Things services aimed at support emerging domestic energy practices. In particular I will discuss how technology probes and participatory data analysis can be used to understand energy behaviours and explore technology interventions for enabling energy demand shifting in the context of smart appliances and electric vehicles. This talk will demonstrate how the Internet of Things can be used as a design tool to inform the design of Internet of Things products and services.
Keywords: Internet of Things, sustainability, smart appliances, electric vehicles, data analytics
Jacky Bourgeois is a final-year PhD Student at the Centre for Computing Research at The Open University (UK) and the Université de Rennes / IRISA (France). His research investigates the design of Internet of Things technologies to support domestic energy practices of “energy farmers”, i.e. households that generate their own energy from solar panels. He is lead author of several publications such as “Conversations with my washing machine: an in-the-wild study of demand shifting with self-generated energy” and “Harvesting green miles from my roof: an investigation into self-sufficient mobility with electric vehicles” ( Besides the Internet of Things he is interested in ubiquitous computing, user interaction, design, sustainability and software engineering. More details can be found on his website
Studio Show
Tuesday 1 March, 2016
15:00 – 16:00