Exhibition organized by Just Things Foundation

An Internet of Things We Can Be Proud of!
When your products communicate with each other based on your personal data, they are part of a giant network of connected ‘things’: the Internet of Things (IoT). Those things become ‘smart’ devices with the advantage of offering consumers new services, more efficiency. However, we first have to ask ourselves how do these objects work, and do they do so in a way that we’re comfortable with?
IoT certainly opens the door to a lot of opportunities, but also to many design challenges like privacy, security and business-model issues. This exhibition guides you through the principles for responsible design within IoT products. We show you real-life best practices as well as newly commissioned speculative products illustrating how balanced and honest design can be done in this field.

Torenallee 80
5617BE Eindhoven
Strijp Area

Opening hours: 22-30 october, 11-18hrs.