Don’t connect only your device, connect with people around you.

Nowadays, it seems like the battery percentage of all our devices is draining faster and faster. Even though charging is not one of our favourite activities, most people are constantly looking for power sockets in public areas and are very eager to nd one. A team of ten students from the TU Delft came up with an interactive environment to make charging a far more social and fun experience.

Meet Daya, an empowering workplace that is designed to let you connect to others while charging. Using playful interactions like touching and swiping, Daya will make you feel in control of the energy stream in the environment. People around Daya have to work together to obtain the energy they crave for. The team believes that this collaboration will give people the opportunity to acquire real life social contact and forget about the people living in their phones for a while.

The organic, almost animal like, shape contains more than 900 LEDs that can be lit according to the behaviour of its users. By putting the energy right at your ngertips and giving feedback to your interactions. Daya places the power of the energy in your hands. This way people charging at Daya are more aware of the energy they use than charging at the regular power sockets we all know.

Text: Mark Janssen