CHI 2016 workshop – Involving the Crowd in Future Museum Experience Design

At the CHI 2016 conference in San José, California, Arnold Vermeeren hosted a one day workshop Involving the Crowd in Future Museum Experience Design with Licia Calvi of NHTV Breda (schedule-link). Aim of the workshop was to explore the implications of museums connecting more and more to ecosystems including other museums, institutions, people’s homes, of museums addressing more diverse and bigger audiences including anonymous crowds, and of novel social and technological developments such as Maker Movement, Internet of Things and DIY technologies.

The workshop was organised by Arnold Vermeeren with Elisa Giaccarda, Licia Calvi (NHTV Breda), Raffaella Trocchianesi of Politecnico di Milano, Amalia Sabiescu of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – RMIT Europe and Dagny Stuedahl from Stockholm University of Life Sciences.

After a series of short participant presentations and a keynote presentation by artist Maria Mortati, the fifteen participants played the Future Museum Experience Design game to initiate brainstorming for new museum experience design ideas. In a concluding plenary discussing session, based on the developed ideas challenges in future museum experience design were explored and follow-up plans were made.