Events that have a relevance to the general public

Interaction Design Exhibition – July 1st 14:00-18:00

Come and experience 22 unique interactive product concepts at Industrial Design Engineering on Wednesday July 1st any time between 14:00 and 18:00. You can experience how traces-of-use may improve interaction with connected products, encounter interactive energy coaches to raise your awareness of energy consumption, undergo interactive experiences designed to increase the hospitality on airplanes - [...]

Interaction Design Summer School in Shanghai

This summer Aadjan van der Helm, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Wei Liu (Tongji University) and Yanrui Qu (Beijing University of Technology) teach an intensive and exciting workshop on design and interactive technology. The design assignment is about energy coaches, devices that help people make energy efficient choices when controlling their office environment. The workshop will take participants [...]

Internet of Things Manifesto

In a joint effort by design studios The Incredible Machine (NL), Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken (NL), (BE), and FROLIC Studio (NL), and TU Delft PhD candiate Holly Robbins (NL), the IoT Design Manifesto was composed to serve as a code of conduct for everyone involved in the creation of the Internet of Concept design. The [...]

Geist presented at Thingscon 2015

Connectedness is not about connectivity. It is about putting data into physical form we can engage with. Geist is a family of connected objects for people living outside their native country. The Geist family of objects consists of the Radio, the Clock, and the Calendar. These are mundane objects that help expats develop a sense [...]

Prof. Paul Hekkert at What Design Can Do conference

Paul Hekkert spoke at the What Design Can Do conference, which was held on the 21st and 22nd of May, in De Stadschouwburg in Amsterdam. WDCD is a very well designed conference to show and learn from national and international designers of the social impact design can have. The conference celebrated its fifth year’s anniversary, [...]

Welcome new Lab-members: Bruce, Sascha & Rienk!

Welcome to our visiting researcher Bruce Wan, and our new graduates, Sascha and Rienk at the Lab! Bruce is from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and currently works on his PhD study on "Flourishing through travel – An inquiry into tourists’ experiences and psychological well-being towards a framework for eTourism platform" under the supervision of Paul [...]

Tomasz Jaskiewicz at InDeSem 2015

International design seminar “InDeSem” takes place this week at the faculty of Architecture in Delft. The focus of this year’s edition is on new forms of digital craft, emerging in architecture and other design disciplines. As part of InDeSem, on the 1st of June Tomasz Jaskiewicz chairs a lecture and debate session with Pauline van [...]

Living with smart objects

The ThingTank project has developed a two narratives about living with smart objects to video. The first video is entitled "Uninvited Guests" and was created by Superflux Lab. The second was entitled "Teacher of Algorithms" was produced by Simone Rebaudengo

Reimagining Interaction Through Animistic Design

On Thursday May 21, Phil van Allen from Art Center Collage of Design staged an inspiring interaction design workshop entitled “Reimagining Interaction Through Animistic Design”. He started by showing some examples from his classes at the Media Design Practices program. Then he set our students to work on how systems and people interact by designing [...]