Events that have a relevance to the general public

On-line Masterclass Context Mapping


An on-line masterclass on context mapping will be released on the 30th of May!! Professor Pieter-Jan Stappers will teach -in collaboration with experts like Froukje Sleeswijk-Visser, Sanne Kistemaker, Chen Hao & Annemiek van Boejien - the ins and outs of how to gather deep insights in the needs of users and other stakeholders in [...]

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Interaction Design workshop in University of Tehran Kish Campus


Aadjan van der Helm and Bahareh Barati held a 5-day workshop on the topic of Interaction Design (9th-14 Apr) in Kish Island. Forty Bachelor-level and Master-level students participated in the workshop. The workshop involved both lectures and practical sessions to familiarize students with tools and methods developed in IDE, on [...]

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Schizzo Mega


We have a new prototyping board, it is the Schizzo Mega (see below for a short history on the Schizzo board development). Richard Bekking designed the board together with Martin Havranek. It is optimised for the BOCS project, a research study into people's comfort in office spaces. This means the [...]

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Beatlash – Bringing the social to electro


In his graduation thesis Sascha Naji examined how developments in processing power of mobile devices, new conncetivity possibilities and wearable sensor technology make it possible to let people actively create digital music wherever they go. To understand how such a paradigm shift can be initiated, this project examined the domains [...]

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Human Centred Design: Experiences From Practice


In May 2015 Froukje Sleeswijk Visser taught a workshop to UX design professionals with a human interaction technology or a psychology background. The workshop was organised twice, once in Warsaw and once in Wroclaw by the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. The aim of the 3-day workshop was [...]

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Symbolically Meaningful Products


Research in positive psychology indicates that consumption of material goods is generally a counterproductive behaviour for happiness. Nonetheless, it is possible to observe how some products seem to defy this negative idea of consumption: Symbolically meaningful products have the ability to make our intentions tangible, to remind us of our [...]

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Interaction Design Exhibition – July 1st 14:00-18:00


Come and experience 22 unique interactive product concepts at Industrial Design Engineering on Wednesday July 1st any time between 14:00 and 18:00. You can experience how traces-of-use may improve interaction with connected products, encounter interactive energy coaches to raise your awareness of energy consumption, undergo interactive experiences designed to increase [...]

Interaction Design Exhibition – July 1st 14:00-18:002016-11-06T14:59:13+00:00

Interaction Design Summer School in Shanghai


This summer Aadjan van der Helm, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Wei Liu (Tongji University) and Yanrui Qu (Beijing University of Technology) teach an intensive and exciting workshop on design and interactive technology. The design assignment is about energy coaches, devices that help people make energy efficient choices when controlling their office environment. [...]

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