LabTalks are regularly scheduled presentations from ID-Studiolab members or guests to an interested audience. In addition to the ongoing informal conversations between ID-studiolab members, the LabTalks provide a structured and more indepth way to exchange ideas, news and projects.

LabTalk – 20 Jan 2016 – Marco Rozendaal


    Keep your shirt on! dr. Marco Rozendaal In our design innovation project ‘Keep your shirt on!’ we have investigated how we can increase our body awareness using wearable technology, with a focus on its use in psychosocial care. The project team, funded by an NWO grant, is a partnership between the Faculty of [...]

LabTalk – 9 Dec 2015 – Elif Ozcan Vieira


  Towards wise experiences: The role of wisdom in design for well-being dr. Elif Ozcan Vieira Smart products make our lives easier, because we seek for efficiency in life. However, the concept of smartness can have shortcomings for the design contexts of well-being and health, which would require a more tactful approach to deal with sensitive [...]

LabTalk / Defense – 25 November 2015 – Steven Fokkinga


>> Instead of a LabTalk this week, we will be joining Studio Lab member Steven Fokkinga for his PhD defense Design ‒|+  Negative emotions for positive experiences Emotion-driven design considers all aspects of a product – its appearance, cultural meaning, functionality, interaction, usability, technology, and indirect consequences of use – with the aim to optimize [...]

Guest Talk 24 November: prof. Gerald C. Cuphik on Emotional Phase Theory and Aesthetic Experience


Emotional Phase Theory and Aesthetic Experience prof. Gerald Cupchik; University of Toronto This lecture reconciles opposing approaches to emotion theory. One treats emotional reactions as real experiences (ethology, psychodymanics, phenomenology), whereas the other focuses on motivated and adaptive actions related to challenges, needs, and concerns (cognitive behaviourism). Emotional reactions are elicited in situations that remind us [...]

LabTalk – 11 November. 2015 – Odette da Silva


Beauty in Efficiency I started my PhD like many others: with lots of enthusiasm and little clarity. As a contributor to Project UMA, I was to research the aesthetic appreciation of an artifact while taking into account the intention that the artifact was designed with. It took me a while—a perceived eternity, to be precise—to [...]

LabTalk – 28 Oct. 2015 – Chen Hao


LabTalk - Generative Design Research In China - Chen Hao The growth of wealth in modern China is leading to Chinese people becoming more discriminating about products are not designed with them in mind. As a consequence, there is an increasing need for insightful designers to understand the needs of Chinese customers and their personal, situational, [...]

LabTalk – 14 Oct. 2015 – Deger Ozkaramanli


LabTalk - Deger Ozkaramanli on Dilemmas for Self Reflection  Design can increase the quality of life by making it easier and faster for people to pursue their daily activities. For instance, smartphones fulfill the functions expected not only from a phone, but also from a camera, a music player or a mini-computer; and many food [...]

LabTalk – 30 Sept. 2015 – Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken


LabTalk - Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken Practitioners on Methods  Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken is a Rotterdam-based design consultancy agency with a human-centered and pragmatic approach. They are active in the area of Digital Media, Interaction Design, Service Design & Social Innovation. From the banlieus of Paris to the outskirts of India, Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken demonstrates how a combination [...]

Lab Talk – 16 Sept. 2015 – Aadjan van der Helm & Tomasz Jaskiewicz


Lab Talk: Interaction Design Summer School Shanghai - Aadjan van der Helm & Tomasz Jaskiewicz The talk will be about the workshop we held this summer at Tongji University, College of Design and Innovation (the place where our former colleague Wei Liu is working). The design brief for the workshop was to design interactive devices [...]

Lab Talk – 24 June 2015 – Ana Cristina Dias


THE MISMATCH AMONG DESIGN EDUCATION-RESEARCH-PRACTICE In a period of significant change Portugal must incentivize research, shared knowledge and, consequently, creative outcomes, overcoming the business deadlock and meeting new challenges. The change starts with education as a preparatory base for boosting innovation. This leads to a fundamental question on which we must reflect: what strategies should [...]