Beatlash – Bringing the social to electro

In his graduation thesis Sascha Naji examined how developments in processing power of mobile devices, new conncetivity possibilities and wearable sensor technology make it possible to let people actively create digital music wherever they go. To understand how such a paradigm shift can be initiated, this project examined the domains that play a role. The social and cultural implications as well as the domains of musical expression and fashionability.

The research resulted in an illustrative concept. The design concept “Beatlash” is both: a fashionable device and a expressive performance controller to play Dubstep music live, in a visceral manner, with and for other people. The controller is embedded in a system of other products to enable operation. The phone is the sound engine, external speaker or headphones render the sound. Using the phone’s network capabilities performer can connect to each other.

The jamming interaction was tested in an evaluation session, were three novice musicians actually made electronic music together -live!