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LabTalk – 22 June 2016 – Jantien Doolaard


More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance to decrease energy use in offices, however renovation of the building is very costly. Therefore the BOCS team - Building Occupancy Certification System team - has done and is doing several pilots at companies in the Netherlands and in England with the goal to define [...]

GuestTalk – 1 June 2016 – Dr. Nassim JafariNaimi


Probing Design and Democracy through the Lens of Participatory Media Can we draw on plural conceptions of democracy to critically understand design practices and products? And can we inquire into democracy by examining the social interactions made possible by design? In this talk, I trace the theme of democracy as it appears in design discourse [...]

LabTalk – 25 May 2016 – Bob Groeneveld


Currently, a total hip replacement is a one-size-fits-all treatment. A tailored patient experience may to lead to more efficient use of healthcare services, competitive advantage for hospitals, and improved patient satisfaction as well as health-related outcomes. My project investigates the potential of customer profiling to tailor the hip replacement process, both before and after surgery. [...]

LabTalk – 11 May 2016 – Natalia Romero Herrera & Tomasz Jaskiewicz


Living lab's user & prototyping centric methodology We warmly invite you to a conjoint lab talk where we (Natalia and Tomasz) want to give you a flavour of our research collaboration on Living Labs’ user & prototyping centric methodologies to support the design of socio-technical solutions for sustainability and wellbeing in living and working contexts. [...]

LabTalk – 13 April 2016 – Ruben Post


Products have the capacity to evoke in us a sense of beauty. Whether it¹s marvelling over a new car, admiring the interface of our next generation smartphone or wielding a perfectly balanced kitchen knife; we can appreciate perceiving their design. However, what exactly is it that makes a certain product aesthetically appealing? And do we only consider having an aesthetic [...]

LabTalk – 16 March 2016 – Patrizia D’Olivo


Designing the New Normal // Use design to foster communication and optimism in families dealing with childhood cancer Patrizia D’Olivo Hi all! In the upcoming Labtalk I will introduce the topic of my PhD project and describe the steps done so far. I will briefly introduce you to the topic of childhood cancer and the [...]

Guest Talk – Jacky Bourgeois


"Designing an Internet of Things Solution for Energy Demand Shifting" In this talk I will present in-the-wild research studies conducted at The Open University to inform the design of Internet of Things services aimed at support emerging domestic energy practices. In particular I will discuss how technology probes and participatory data analysis can be used [...]

LabTalk – 10 Feb. 2016 – Euiyoung Kim


Design Roadmapping: A Framework and Case Study of Planning Development of High-tech Products in Silicon Valley   Studio Lab guest: Euiyoung Kim The Design Roadmapping Research Team at UC Berkeley has investigated current usage/potential implementation of Design Roadmapping in today’s high-tech consumer product companies located in Silicon Valley, US. This research aims to identify how the [...]

LabTalk – 20 Jan 2016 – Marco Rozendaal


    Keep your shirt on! dr. Marco Rozendaal In our design innovation project ‘Keep your shirt on!’ we have investigated how we can increase our body awareness using wearable technology, with a focus on its use in psychosocial care. The project team, funded by an NWO grant, is a partnership between the Faculty of [...]