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StudioPantry is one of the most important places in the IDStudioLab - this is where we get our coffee. It is situated right in the middle of StudioDream and StudioMingle so it is likely that people from the two office spaces meet for a quick chat. StudioPantry has a screen connected to the internet, a [...]


StudioJoin is a meeting room for 8 people. It has a screen mounted on the wall for viewing content.

Brian Tidball: Crowdsourcing User Research

This PhD research is examining the benefits (and limitations) of crowdsourcing as a tool to conduct user research. User research is often postponed or neglected because it consumes precious time and resources. The Internet has provided some relief in the form of remote usability tests and online surveys, but the growing number of online activities [...]

Nazli Cila: Metaphor generation in product design

In the design field, metaphors are frequently employed as communication means with the users to elicit cognitive and emotive effects through the product use. When creating metaphors, designers associate a distinct entity with the product they intend to design, take attributes from that entity and transfer these to the product. However, there is no sufficient [...]

A pattern language of firefighting to inform design

Sebastian Denef is finalizing his PhD project: A Pattern Language of Firefighting Frontline Practice to Inform the Design of Ubiquitous Computing. Designing computing systems for frontline firefighting is an open challenge. As of today, little computing support exists for such hazardous environments and designers struggle to build appropriate systems that fit the complex configuration on [...]

Delft Blue By Me

Delft Blue by me is a design tool for end-users, developed at Hoog+Diep for the Delft Marketing and Royal Delft factory. Users can portrait themselves on a physical Delft Blue plate, making use of spatial augmented reality technology. They can choose to have their personalized plate fabricated in real Delft Blue at the factory. The [...]

Wei Liu: Exploring and Developing Generation Y Interactions

This PhD project focuses on developing new user interface for the so-called Generation Y office workers. Born in the 1980s and early 1990s, they are digital natives, which have experienced digital technology their entire lives. Thus they have developed new ways and habits of interacting with their digital world, putting very high demands on the [...]

Master DfI student wins thesis award

For his master thesis "Experience of Interest in Human-Product Interaction" JungKyoon Yoon received the Gerrit van der Veer award (link to Dutch content) at the CHI SParks conference. Yoon developed insights into how products can elicit interest during product use. He followed a iterative design process of and making and testing prototypes to obtain these [...]

LabTalk June 22 – Nazli Cila

StudioLabTalk: Generating Product Metaphors By Nazli Cila - StudioLab member In this talk, first I will provide an overview on product metaphors with many examples, and explain their specific qualities that distinguish them from analogies and language metaphors. Then, I will talk briefly about my PhD topic which is about understanding the generation processes of [...]