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Mathieu Gielen is a lecturer, researcher and designer. He studied Industrial Design Engineering in Delft and graduated in 1994, specialising in the design of children's products. His graduation project used an early version of the ViP-method to identify new solution spaces in the design of a water toy for children with disabilities. Today, he is an Assistant Professor at the same faculty. His research interests are in the area of children´s play and research techniques to explore children´s worlds of experience. He teaches a course on "design for children´s play and learning" and coaches graduation projects.

Apart from his academic work, he is a designer of products for children´s play.



Mathieu Gielen
Landbergstraat 15
2628 CE Delft
room: 10-2A-41
phone: 015-2782749
email: m.a.gielen@tudelft.nl

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