Our friends & partners

PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group, Chicago USA www.pepsico.com
Folkwang University, Essen, Germany Prof. Marc Hassenzahl http://hassenzahl.wordpress.com
  Trimbos Instituut, Utrecht, The Netherlands Dr. Linda Bolier http://www.trimbos.nl
  Ergonomidesign, Bromma, Sweden Jonathan Young http://www.ergonomidesign.com
  Design Against Crime research centre, London, UK Prof. Lorraine Gamman http://www.designagainstcrime.com
  SusaGroup, The Netherlands Lars Rengersen www.susagroup.com
Kaap Belvedere Society, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Linda Malherbe http://www.kaapbelvedere.nl/
Howest University, Kortrijk, Belgium Lieven de Couvreur http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
Imperial College London; Design Engineering dr. Marco Aurisicchio http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/
Masters that Matter Masters that Matter Geert van den Boogaard http://www.mastersthatmatter.com/
the Design and Emotion Society The Design and Emotion Society http://www.designandemotion.org